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Leer hoe om met jou "moody" tienerkind te werk!

Welkom by Nuusbrief 8 van 2016!

Het jou kind in graad 7, 8 of 9 Wiskunde werkkaarte nodig om voor te berei vir die huidige eksamens of toetsreekse? Besoek vir 'n volledige werkkaart oplossing.


Hier is 7 wenke vir ouers/onnies met buierige en tieners in die huis of klas:

1. Water, water en nog meer water! Lekker gesonde kos ... en water!
Jou tiener is besig om te groei en het meer vloeistowwe nodig. Sodra hy/sy dors voel is hy/sy reeds gedehidreer. Koop 'n paar fênsie (wasbare) waterbottels en hou dit vol yskoue water - veral as daar sport is.

2. 'n Tiener het meer slaap nodig as wat ons dink
Tieners wat heeltyd moeg is, maar wat wel gesond eet en genoeg water drink ... slaap nie genoeg nie.
Ek het laasweek vir my graad 11 leerders gevra wie van hulle lê tot laat in die aand op hulle selfone en klets.ALMAL het hulle hande opgesteek. Geen wonder hulle is so moeg nie! So, hoe nou gemaak? 
Moedig middagslapies aan, en laat jou tiener toe om bietjie meer laat te slaap. Ek persoonlik dink ons kinders se programme is te vol. 

3. Gee spasie!
Toe ek met my graad 11's gesels het oor hoe hulle voel hulle "minder moody" sal kan word, het hulle soos een man die volgende kwytgeraak:
"Los ons asseblief uit!". Hulle wil dus meer alleen-gelaat word. Hulle wil op hul eie kan ontspan.
Tieners sal nou dalk meer en meer met hulle vriende wil gesels en minder met jou as ouer. Dis okay. Dis normaal. Gee maar asseblief bietjie meer spasie en gun elke tiener sy/haar privaatheid (binne perke).

4. As die "bad mood" terugswaai - gesels met jou kind!
Ouers wat hul kinders "terg" en met hulle "spot" (in 'n lekker gees) het meer sukses. Moenie die lewe te ernstig opneem nie. Tieners wil meer lag en pret hê! Gesels en maak meer grappe. Onthou jou eie lafwees dae!

6. Hier is 'n paar videos:
"Cut en paste" die volgende skakels in jou browser ... en druk "enter" ...

7. Artikels: "Cut en paste" die volgende skakels in jou browser ... en druk "enter" ...

BONUS: Hier is 'n oulike "QUIZ" uit 'n artikel genaamd "Now parents go to school – to learn how to deal with moody teenagers" 
("The Scotsman" - 7 May 2008)


1 You've told your teenager to be home by 9pm but they are late. They are not answering their mobile. 
Do you: 

a) pace the floor, furiously devising a punishment and rehearsing an angry speech on their eventual return? 
b) call the police and report them missing as they might have been kidnapped? 
c) consider they might just have lost track of time because someone they fancy got chatting to them? 

2 Your teenager calls from the local swimming pool demanding you drive down there because she has forgotten her costume. 
Do you: 

a) shout at her because she managed to remember her hair straighteners, hairspray, mobile phone and make-up but wasn't organised enough to remember the most important item? 
b) drive down with the costume – after all, teenagers have so much on their minds to think about with social pressures it's understandable? 
c) agree to take it but warn her you won't always be able to help out and suggest she makes a list in future? 

3 Your son doesn't take the rubbish out, which is his usual chore. 
Do you: 

a) call him irresponsible and ground him for a month until he learns to do what he's told. 
b) let him off because he usually does it without being prompted, and it is really tough being a teenager. 
c) remind him he has broken a house rule and that means he will have to forego an hour on his computer as you agreed when you made up the rules? 

4 Your teenager stumbles home drunk and late. 
Do you: 

a) accuse him of being an alcoholic, ground him for life and scream at him that he is throwing his life away? 
b) offer him a nightcap – after all, it's safer for him to drink where you can keep an eye on him? 
c) remember that you sampled alcohol as a teenager under pressure from your peers and sit him down for an informed chat on drinking? 

5 Your teenager refuses to do his homework on the kitchen table as usual, something you both agreed he would do. 
Do you 

a) warn him he is throwing away all the opportunities you never had and he'll end up a waster? 
b) let him flounce off to his bedroom because the pressure of exams must take a lot out of the poor darling? 
c) ask him why he doesn't want to do it in front of you and investigate whether he may be having a problem with his school work about which he is embarrassed? 

6 You have left your teenager home alone all day and you know you will be confronted with a scene of dirty dishes and mess when you get through the door. 
Do you 

a) work yourself up into such a fury at his laziness that you are screaming in frustration before you are even over the doorstep? 
b) don't say a word, seething inside as you collect the dirty mugs while he watches TV?
c) ask how his day went and offer him a cup of tea, asking him to bring all the dirty dishes into the kitchen while you put the kettle on? 

7 Your teenager refuses to answer your questions, speaks in uncommunicative grunts and flies off the handle that "he never asked to be born", at the slightest aggravation? 
Do you 

a) yell that he used to be such a lovely child and now he has turned into a monster? 
b) ignore him and concentrate on your younger children, hoping they will turn out better? 
c) realise that it's just a phase he is going through caused by excessive hormones released by puberty and that he will grow out of it? 

8 A parent of one of your teenager's friends tries to engage you in discussion about your children and how to cope. 
Do you 

a) offer her tips on how you deal with your child and how she can be a perfect parent just like you? 
b) declare confidently your child is an absolute angel and you don't understand what all this talk is of troublesome teens? 
c) swap hints and tips for dealing with situations and ask her if she really lets her child stay out as late as he likes? 

MOSTLY As – You are being too tough. Try to think back to what life was like for you as a teenager. 

MOSTLY Bs – Too soft. You are misguided and indulgent. 

MOSTLY Cs – Well done. You must have undergone a teenager parenting course.

Read more at:

Dis dit vir hierdie nuusbrief. Dankie dat jy gelees het!

Ons verwelkom terugvoer. Stuur e-pos aan of kliek HIER.

Beste wense vir 'n wonderlike "lente" en sterkte met die laaste paar weke van die akademiese jaar.


Lourens Breytenbach


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